​anyone available 

3 Steps to Start

  1. ​Connect to Cell Phone

  2. Ware

  3. ​Start


 Connect to Cell Phone

​same as connecting to a earphone or headphone

 Select your favorite

​Daytime FaceRythm

​prevent mouth sag

Prevent Dullness&Swelling

​Prevent Sag & Dullness 


Nightime FaceRythm

​Prevent Dull&Swelling

​Prevent Mouth Sag

Prevent Sag&Dullness

Prevent Dull&Swelling

⒊ Ware

just lie on the bed(without a pillow) is

ware the mask on a lotion face sheet

 Select "thickness" of haptic vibration 

thickness of HapticVibration 

You can select varieties of vibration thickness (vibration strokes)
thin:strokes are small, thick:strokes are large 

 Adjust Volume

​You can adjust strength of haptic vibration by changing sound volume 

If you feel "too strong", it would not effective

            feel comfortable,..     which is the most important and effective

iPhone:3 marks smaller than full volume

Android: full volume are recommended


Please ​Relax & Centralize your Consciousness to haptic vibrations

​you'll meet another beautiful you right after this haptic vibration massage    

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