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​FaceTherapie Online  

face vibration

ファセテラピー社は創業から30年の歴史をもち、東京・京都を中心にエステサロン、 スクール事業を行っている会社です.単なるエステに留まらず、「人の手がつくる心地よさ」を科学し、触覚に関する様々な研究・プロジェクトを展開し、美容以外の業界からも注目を集めています。また、大学研究機関との共同研究によるマッサージの技術革新とソーシャルビジネスへの展開( 美容IT による障がい者・高齢者の雇用創出) は国内外で評価されています。( 京都大学 学際研究着想コンテスト2017 総長賞:テーマは「社会をやわらかくする『触覚論理』アプローチの構築」、ユネスコが支援する英国の学術情報誌IMPACT の取材・掲載)







"Aesthetics that change our society”
~ Why is it for free? ~
Do you know deaf-blind persons? They are people who have both eye and hearing impairments. This free esthetic service is a social business to promote the employment and social participation of the deaf-blind persons. I would like to share this social business with as many people as possible. I would be delighted if you could experience our online service and let others know about it! Deafblind people who communicate by touch have a rich sense of touch. Their rich sense of touch is expressed in the form of facial massages and vibrations by deafblind people who have mastered the aesthetic technique. The massages they design are extraordinary and astounding. 
Facetherapie is a company with 30 years of history since its establishment, which is operating an esthetic salon and school business mainly in Tokyo and Kyoto. The company is not only engaged in esthetic treatment, but also conducts various research and projects related to the sense of touch, and is attracting attention from industries other than the beauty industry. In addition, the innovation of the massage technique and the development of social business through joint research with university research institutes (creation of employment for the disabled and the elderly by means of beauty IT) have been appreciated in Japan and abroad.
(Interdisciplinary Research Idea Contest 2017, Kyoto University, President's Award: the theme is "Construction of a 'tactile logic' approach to ease society", interviewed and published by IMPACT, a UNESCO-supported academic journal in the UK.)

Employment and social isolation of the deaf-blind persons are global social problems. Our business, which makes use of their superior sense of touch to design tactile and massage therapies, is attracting attention at home and abroad as a social business.
At Facetherapie, we believe that the expression of the face is the shape of the mind. We believe that by giving a comfortable rhythm to the nerves of the face, we can loosen the stiffness of the body and mind. Happiness, anger, sorrow and pleasure are more likely to appear in the facial expressions than anywhere else in the body.
When an emotion is prolonged, the facial expression brought about by that emotion becomes habitual. This is why a happy person always looks happy, and an angry person always looks dour. It can be said that the facial expressions that match our more habitual emotions have become our everyday faces. However, the relationship between the mind and the face is not a one-way street; at the same time, it can be said that the habits of the mind become the habits of the face, and at the same time, if we fix the habits of the face, we can cure the habits of the mind. Giving a good massage to a stiff face with an appropriate rhythm will release stress from the face and give birth to a "natural smile" that is appropriate for each person. The beauty of a person is born out
of a feeling of comfort, a natural and soft expression and a tender face.
Facetherapie is a specific massage method to create such a "beautiful face".


FaceTherapie aesthetic from kyoto since 1993